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Sanrio announced on March 19 that a television series of anime shorts featuring its egg character Gudetama will premiere on Monday, March 31. 

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hey, so are we on a “tu” basis or are we still pretty “vous”






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My thoughts on the term brotp


…and many other stuff i ran into on the way, while writing this.

I’ll try to be as clear about this as i can, i’m sorry if it won’t come off as such, english not being my native language. I’ve only learned about this (this, as in why brotp should not be used) last week so i might not be the best to explain it, but i’ll try.

It’ll be long, and maybe you are going think i’m overcomplicating it, but i want this to be finally said and covered, thoroughly.

Important: this post does not include the application of brotp to hetero relationships, because this was never about that. Even though, if you see a fanwork of said hetero relationship being portrayed as romantic, you should respect the artist’s choice. Otherwise don’t reblog it.

That leads to an important and universal statement, which is extremely relevant to this theme:

If you can not bring yourself to view a relationship as the artist intended it to be without stating your own, opposing thoughts and views in the comments or the tags, DON’T REBLOG IT.

It’s that simple. Yes, some artists aren’t bothered by it, but many are. Don’t disrespect them. Make a separate post why you think said relationship is romantic and not platonic, vica versa, something in between, something entirely else, hell, explain why they hate each other, why is it unhealthy, why they would be better off avoiding each other for the rest of their lives, but don’t do it on the artist’s post. Not even in the tags.

(Assuming the artist didn’t post anything specifically problematic (calling out not to be confused with kink shaming and vica versa; know where the border runs). If the ship itself is problematic in general but it also happens to be popular, the same applies: not on the artist’s post.)

Now that we have covered that, we can begin.

Reminder, beyond this point we are talking about queer relationships. 

Let’s start with this, since many of you seems to think brotp is just another word for good friends. 

Why brotp and best friends/BFFs/etc. are not the same thing:

  • the term brotp states they are nothing else, and can never be anything else but platonic friends
  • 'best friends' is not necessarily limited to platonic relationships. Your significant other can be your best friend too, these two terms don’t rule out each other

The three big problems with brotp:

1) If you’re using it as a tag on reblogged posts. i’ve explained that above, but here’s more:

Let’s say you see a fanart of two people and you can’t decide if it’s supposed to be romantic or platonic. You take a wild guess tag it as you prefer them, as friends, in this case.

But what if the artist meant it to be viewed as a romantic queer relationship? You can certainly say the characters weren’t illustrated in a situation intimate enough to get to that conclusion, but that would erase people who aren’t comfortable with intimacy (sexual or not).

You can certainly say it wasn’t stated explicitly, but that could possibly suggest that same-sex/same-gender people not being involved with each other is the default setting.

I know many people here would think that because that’s what they believe in general, including hetero ships and real life relationships: that having a platonic relationship is more common than having a romantic relationship which is actually true. The average person meets more friends in their lives than love interests. 

And there would be nothing wrong with that if it weren’t for the majority of the people, who would assume those two people must be friends because that’d be “normal” in this situation, for they are the same sex/gender. Which would be something similar to assuming one is heterosexual before knowing anything about them.

Conclusion, if it isn’t stated, do not go and assume. 

(Sorry for using sex-slash-gender but if i wrote sex i’d exclude trans people and if i wrote gender i feel like it might sound like gender and sex are the same thing. Side note, please write me about your thoughts on that, i’m not sure which one should i use or if it’s fine worded this way.)

2) When it’s used to describe canonically suggested queer relationships.

When the artists, authors, and fans aren’t making it up, and there are many hints in canon. Nothing official, but hints nevertheless, that can mean incredibly much.

Incredibly much, because thanks to the limits of the current media (not allowed to represent queer characters, can’t afford to represent queer characters, afraid of representing queer characters), sometimes that much is all we’re going to get.

And you’re shrugging that off with a simple word, ‘brotp’.

It is okay if you don’t like that ship, it is okay if you personally decide to view them as platonic friends, but for god’s sake, don’t try to deny and take that little we’ve got.

You are allowed to say “Yes, there is a chance they were meant to be involved romantically and i can see that. But i’d rather not view them as such, for i find their relationship unhealthy / for i ship them with other characters / for i don’t care about eros only platonic love / for i’d like to headcanon one of them/both of them as ace aro / for i don’t want them to be involved with anyone at all / etc.” 

3) It has been used by the wrong people for wrong purposes.

It has been used to cover up homophobia; it has been used for queer-erasion, consciously or not; it has been used to say ‘no homo’ and get away with it.

Yes, again, i know many of you don’t mean it like that, but many others do, and you don’t want to be associated with them.

Believe me, you are better off ditching this term.

'Friends' is a nice word and works well. While it doesn't rule out the possibility of romance, people will understand you meant the platonic way.

If you feel like i left a something out, or want me to correct something i wrote wrong (i apologize for that, i’m far from being an expert on the theme) feel free to add.


which person of ur otp furiously does push-ups while the other sits on their back and reads a magazine

we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.


i use the internet to talk to people because irl i’m like super socially inhibited and it takes me a fuckton of effort to even say one word most of the time and whenever i try to force myself to speak i just wind up crying it’s very bad 0/10 would never recommend in a million years


In case you’re sad here are some buns.

… a good story can save poor animation, where good animation cannot save a poor story.

━ Osamu Tezuka (via theblondeh)


u ever fall in love with an art style?? like an art style crush?? like you see anything drawn in that style and you swoon??